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What We Do

Every marketing package offered by includes the below services for a successful SEO campaign.

Step One: Keyword Research and Analysis

The first action we take for our clients is analyzing the perfect keywords for bringing in the best results for their businesses. We don't rank your business website for your business name, which is what other SEO companies do to make an easy profit. Ranking for your business name is so easy that at ISEOMarketing we include that free of charge in all the packages. After we ask you what products or services your business offers, we go ahead and research what keywords are best to increase your revenue online. At ISEOMarketing we want you to be successful online, that's what you get with hiring us for your SEO campaign.

Step Two: On-Page Website Optimization

The second step we take is we go into your website coding and analyze what can be changed and added to make it more search engine friendly with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Things such as adding your keywords to your page title, fixing your content tags, adding meta tags, and better organizing your code without damaging the website design. At the same time we also go ahead and add the Google analytics code into each page so you can follow the progress of your traffic. This is a vital step that is sometimes forgotten by other SEO companies.

Step Three: Off-Site Optimization

The third step is to start increasing the authority of the website by backlinking. Increasing your backlink count is like increasing votes for your website in the eyes of the Search Engines. The more votes your website receives the more you will start to rank higher than your competition and start to achieve higher rankings. Not only do we gain more backlinks (votes) for your website, we also research and find related websites to increase your authority even more. For example if our client has a business that offers gardening, we will go about and find websites that deal with plants and the environment, then place links to your website to substantially give your website more credibility in the market that you serve.

Step Four: Monthly Ranking Reports

Every month clients will receive ranking reports so that they can keep track of every step that we take to increase your ranks on the search engines. These reports will include snapshots of how your ranking has changed along with how your traffic steadily increases during the campaign. Unlike other SEO companies you don't have to be lost in the dark about if the SEO marketing is actually working, you will be able to read and see with your own eyes.

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